Campbell Road Veterinary Services and the Veterinarians Working there are:

  • Licensed by the College Of Veterinarians Of Ontario

And designated by the College Of Veterinarians of Ontario as

  •  Fully Accredited Small Animal Hospital
  •  Fully Accredited Small Animal Mobile

What does this mean?

All veterinarians in Ontario MUST be licensed by the CVO (College of Veterinarians of Ontario) and must meet certain regulations and continue to be governed by the CVO throughout their careers. As requirements change, vets must rise to the challenge in order to maintain their status as a practicing veterinarian.

There are different types of accreditation by the College of Veterinarians of Ontario and facilities must meet certain standards to receive accreditation for between 1and 5 years.  Our hospital and mobiles hold a 5 year accrediation. Small Animal Hospitals can only gain hospital accreditation if they have the facilities and the ability to provide services such as: prescribe and dispense medications including controlled substances, perform x-rays, surgical, and dental procedures, run diagnostic testing, maintain a current veterinary library and meet strict rules on the maintenance of medical records and logbooks.

An Accredited Mobile Unit means that we can go to client’s homes to provide veterinary care for their animals. People with multiple pets enjoy the fact they can avoid the difficulty of transporting their pets to the clinic. Our mobile services allow owners that are unable to get their pet to a vet due to their own disabilities, illness or just the inability to transport them to the clinic to provide their pet with the necessary veterinary care. Many times the care can be provided at the pet’s home, but if necessary the pet can be transported back to the clinic for care. Mobile service to return the pets is also available.

Campbell Road Veterinary Services maintains a 5-year accreditation with the CVO and exceeds the minimum requirements to maintain accreditation.

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