New Clients

We love meeting new clients! We take pride in making people and their pets feel welcome and comfortable in our animal hospital.

We believe in developing an open and mutually respectful relationship with all our clients. We encourage clients to look to us as their pet care expert and to feel comfortable talking to us about any of your concerns regarding your pet. We know that your pet is a member of your family and we want to ensure that they receive the best possible care.

For clients seeking a second opinion, it is important that we have previous medical history to avoid re-running diagnostic tests that have already been done. If you are uncomfortable with transferring the records we can arrange to have the records sent to us for a second opinion visit or you can ask your regular vet for a copy of your pet’s medical records.

If you are transferring all your pets to us, it is extremely important that we have their vaccine history / heartworm preventative information so that we can ensure that you will receive reminders on schedule to prevent your pet from becoming unprotected from disease.

For many clients E-mails are a better method of communication. Please ensure that you inform us the best way to contact you about your pet’s health care.

Prior to your first appointment, we ask you to arrive 10-15 minutes early so that you can fill in the necessary paperwork or you can request a form be sent to you by email or fax so you can fill it in and either send it back to us or bring it with you for your first visit.

To keep everyone safe please be aware that all pets must be either on a leash or in a carrier during their visit here. Please also remember that many patients are feeling unwell and may not feel sociable with other pets or people. You, your children’s and your pet’s safety is extremely important to us!

We want you and your pet to feel comfortable at Campbell Road Veterinary Services. We know that many people are upset when they have to bring their pet to the vet, however, keeping them healthy and getting them help when they are sick/injured is important. We encourage you to let us know if your pet would benefit from any special treatment to help make your pet as comfortable as possible during their visit. For example, we know that pets that are unaccustomed to other animals may be more comfortable waiting in an examination room prior to their appointment. Please let us know how we can make your vet visit as stress free as possible.

Because we value our patient’s health we have a Fully Accredited Small Animal Hospital, as well as Fully Accredited Small Animal Mobile. As a fully accredited animal hospital we have the facilities, equipment and the knowledge to perform in–house blood work, urinalysis and  fecal examinations. We also have an x-ray machine and automatic film processor allowing x-rays to be ready in minutes. We also have a full surgical suite with vital sign monitoring, a dental suite, an intensive care unit with computerized IV/medication pumps. We also have additional equipment, which allows us to focus better on patient care. We are proud of our ability to perform: cryosurgery (surgery with liquid nitrogen which does not require a general anesthesia), to monitor blood pressure, and to monitor intraocular pressures (pressures inside the eyes) with a tonovet. We have access to many specialists and consult them on many of our complex cases and our frequent “second opinion” cases. As a preventative medicine based clinic we want clients to include wellness testing as part of their pet’s routine veterinary health care.  Detecting problems or potential health issues early can extend both the quantity and quality of your pet’s life.

We are always excited to meet new people who care about their pets! One of the best part of our job is knowing we are helping people become more knowledgeable about how we, as a team, can do our best to ensure our client’s pets live a long, healthy, happy life.

We welcome you to Campbell Road Veterinary Services and look forward to becoming your pet’s family doctor.