Veterinary Assistant

Education: St. Lawrence College (Veterinary Assistant Certificate)

Farah has been with us since just after we opened in 2010. Farah started with us while she was doing her final placement before graduation from the Veterinary Assistant program at St Lawrence College in Kingston, Ontario. Farah is our resident feral cat tamer and her work with terrified/ feral/abused cats helps turns these terrors into loving pets. An example of Farah’s hard work is evident in Charlotte our clinic cat, who started out as a hissing, spitting, frightened cat and now Charlotte wants to make friends with clients and patients alike. Farah’s compassion is evident with both pets and people alike. Farah, has taken home an unwanted cat, who she named “Tinker”. “Tinker” now lives as part of Farah and her husband’s furry family with her happy Jack Russell (Buster) and three pampered horses.