Why Choose Us As Your Pet’s Veterinarian?

Choosing a veterinarian is an important decision.

Here are some of the aspects of a veterinary clinic that we think are important:

  • Recommendations from friends, family
  • Veterinarian’s reputation
  • Friendliness of the staff and vet
  • Ease of talking to staff and vet
  • The vet and staff taking the time to answer all your questions
  • The vet offering guidance in your pet’s care
  • Seeing the same vet at each visit
  • Ability to get an urgent appointment if your pet is ill or injured
  • Evening appointments and early drop-off times that accommodate most work schedules
  • Preventative medicine based
  • Interest in protecting people from zoonotic diseases (diseases that can be passed between people and animals)

Campbell Road Veterinary Services is a caring and compassionate small, single veterinarian practice with a fully trained support staff and a fully equipped hospital. Our mission as a preventative medicine based animal hospital is to enhance the human/animal bond and work with owners to ensure that their pets live long, healthy lives!

We are proud to be your pet’s family veterinarian. We take pride in treating every pet as an individual, considering both your lifestyle and your pet’s lifestyle to help you make the right decisions for your pet and your family. Many decisions must be made regarding your pet’s health care. Some of these are parasite control, food choices, weight management, and methods of disease prevention for your pet.

We want you to feel comfortable discussing all aspects of your pet’s health with us.

When you are concerned about your pet or have questions about animal care, we want you to know that we will be there to offer guidance and advise you about products that have scientific testing behind them.

We believe that good veterinary medicine involves peoples’ safety as well as pet health! For example, pets in contact with children, or immuno-compromised people need excellent parasite control and vaccinations as some animal parasites and diseases are “zoonotic” meaning they can pass between pets and people.

If you choose us as your pet’s veterinarian, we will help you choose the best course of action to help improve your pet’s quality of life. We will also be there when your pet is injured or sick and be supportive and caring when the time comes to make that hard decision every loving pet owner must someday face.