For your convenience, we have an in-house  pharmacy.


If your pet is on a continuous medication and they have refills left on their prescription then you can call the clinic as you need refills and we will have it ready for you when you arrive. 

We provide medications, flea and tick control products, and heart worm preventives all at competitive prices and you can rest assured that your medications have been manufactured by reputable companies with excellent quality control standards.

When you order from us, you’ll know that the products you’re purchasing have been stored properly and are approved for use in Canada. And if you have any questions, you can ask us.

We do our best to provide medications/products at competitive prices and use generic drugs where ever possible to keep costs as low as possible. But in some cases, it is in the best interests of your pet to chose a brand name medication. Like human medications, some generics are not as effective as brand name medications and in such cases we will always chose the most effective and safest medications for your pet.

We will also use human pharmacies if they can provide a medication at a lower price.

New standards have been instituted for veterinary practices and we must, whenever possible choose a product  that is “on label for animals”. Deviation from these regulations  puts the veterinarian’s licence and the hospital’s license at risk.

“On label for “x” species ” means the medication/product has been tested on a particular species and safety studies have been done and it is licensed in Canada for use in that particular species.

At other times, we will have to chose a medication that has not been approved for use in a particular species but does have safety testing in that species but is not yet government “approved” for use in that particular species yet, or it may be approved in another country and “pending” approval in Canada.

We also have certain medications “compounded” ( manufactured) as they are no longer available for human use thus they are not available through any commercial source, or we need to change the dose radically or  turn into into a topical or a liquid in order to be able to use it on animals. There are licenced small pharmacies that specialize in the manufacturing of small amounts of such products. Often when we use such a product it is a “special order” and we ask that you let us know  about  5-7 days BEFORE you run out of medication so that we can have it made especially for your pet.

We do not believe in “cheap on-line pharmacies” because there are no set standards for quality control, manufacturing safety or shipping standards. Most of these “on-line ” pharmacies manufacture their products in Mexico, Malaysia, China  and many other third world countries where there are NO standards for the production of medication. There have been cases in the human on-line pharmacies where heart drugs have contained no active heart medication. Until proper standards are in place Campbell Road Veterinary Services can not “in good conscience” write prescriptions for clients to purchase their pet’s medications from an on-line pharmacy.

We will always put your pet’s health and safety first and foremost in everything we do.