The Environment at CRVS

  • We are a small family run clinic that focuses on preventative health care and maintaining a high quality of life for pets. For that reason expect a longer than 15 minute time slot as we have a lot to talk about during our annual exam.
  • We see a considerable number of clients on a referral basis, many with complex medical problems that are difficult to diagnose and/or get under control. We get a lot of satisfaction in seeing both the pets and their owners get the care they so desperately need.
  • We offer pallative care  for animals with uncurable diseases so that they can enjoy the  precious time they have left with  their owners.
  • We stress quality of life and believe that pain control is an important part of our duties as a veterinary hospital.
  • We enjoy an informal, relaxed environment and we like our owners to feel comfortable asking questions and realising that they play a crucial role in their pet’s health care.
  • We try not to leave you waiting but sometimes emergencies happen and the sick pets need our care more urgently than the healthy ones do.